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Board Art for SeaDogs!

Hey we are still working on bringing you SeaDogs! Here is a sample of the board art. Bare in mind it is a work in progress, and it isn’t final yet....
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Time lapse of art coloring.

Check out this quick video of how the line art becomes a finished piece of character art....
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  • Cadabera

Chugging along for a May Kickstarter.

Hopefully we will be able to meet our goal of launching a Kickstarter campaign in the middle of May. The game is refined, and artwork is coming along nicely. Rule Book is being edited and polished, demo games are being...
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Another Time Lapse Video!

Hey the last video turned out so nice I thought I would do another one. This time I did the art a bit differently since someone asked why I was working the way I was. Still it’s fun to see...
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Time lapse Art Video

We are working away on the artwork for the game.  It’s coming along nicely!  For fun we have put together a time lapse video of one of the captains artwork creation. This goes up to where the line work is...
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An Update on Sea Dogs.

Hey there!  Progress has been chugging along on Sea Dogs.  Right now we are working on the artwork for the game and playtesting.  We are also refining the rules as the art gets done. The rule book is very important...
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Here is a sample of the new artwork for Sea Dogs.

The new artwork is coming along here is a sample image of some of the new Captains....
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A little bit about Jacksmack Games

Most people’s first question is why do you call your company “Jacksmack” Games?  And the reason is pretty simple really, back in 2003 I started making animations and free to play web games and I needed a website.  I tried...
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