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1. Obama Vs Santa
4.72 rating
2. Dibbles: Fo...
4.71 rating
4.67 rating
4. Haunted House
4.65 rating
5. (don't) Sav...
4.65 rating
6. Funny Cars
4.65 rating
7. Blosics 2
4.64 rating
8. Super Pixel...
4.64 rating
9. Witch Hunt 2
4.63 rating
10. Operation D...
4.63 rating
Orbox B
3128 plays total
1263 plays total
Gib Fest Mul...
1948 plays total
Night Balloons
2325 plays total
Sudoku Today
1832 plays total
Elf Academy ...
2175 plays total
Olympic Chal...
7370 plays total
Monkey Math ...
3351 plays total
The Alphabet...
2603 plays total
The Plunge
1812 plays total
Vehicles 2
5162 plays total
Four Square
4080 plays total
1. Alico
22517 points
2. jocuri
9529 points
3. n1kn1k
3105 points
4. Valy
3069 points
5. grevinden
2511 points
6. illia
1808 points
7. Lui_vilela
1698 points
8. Deb
1528 points
9. DoxieMom
1486 points
1383 points
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